Our standards are high and our drive, even higher

Our Services

As you can tell by our list of services below, here at Maytree we have a multi talented bunch.

Our standards are high and our drive even higher. If we're not pleased with a piece of editorial you won't know it ever existed. You will never be disturbed until our senior team gives their seal of approval, making the difference between a mediocre article and one where the words jump out at you as you turn the page. At Maytree, that's what we like to call the winning piece. All you really need to think about is, "What service am I looking for?" Then sit back, with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and allow us to reel in the coverage.

Editorial Media – You know what that means, yes, you can have the whole front page spread and not pay the magazine a penny! Oh and yes, we have done that before. There is nothing more that we love than to work our magic and ensure that our clients receive coverage in all their important media on a regular basis. Maytree PR prides itself on using our strong relationships with journalists and editors to your advantage, as well as having honed our skills to understand and manipulate the "newsworthiness" of any particular story.

Paid Media – Any way to make your brand stand out and we're your team. Think of us as 'little tic tacs' following your business around, always looking for every opportunity to give you that refreshing lift up. If you've got an extra bit of change and want to further your exposure, we can help here too. Maytree's years of experience can put you in the spotlight by creating "advertorials" and specific advertising.

Events – Product launches, Press conferences, exhibitions, Open Days, customer events and entertainments. Maytree never ceases to make our clients smile with the extra lengths we take and the ideas we come up with to make their events unique, dynamic and as always, a big hit. Whether large or small, Maytree will make your event shine!

Design, Photography & Print – Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Well sometimes, we think so. Maytree's creative team can handle the complete package required for brochures, newsletters, magazines and advertising material that will leave your competitors speechless.

Press Office Management - For large businesses with an in-house PR department looking for cost-savings in this tough climate, we're talking to you! Are you struggling without a press office to deal with the overwhelming quantity of journalist calls and emails? The answer is right here; Maytree's Press Office management service can provide the low cost and effective service you need.

For more information or questions about any of our services and want to talk to someone, don't hesitate to contact us.